'Your leadership is extremely proud of your accomplishments'

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. (sel) Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing commander
What a busy few weeks as we worked through the region's flooding and washed out road conditions. Our Flood Control Team was in full swing as multiple teams from Civil Engineers, Security Forces, and Maintenance deployed to the field protecting our weapon system from water intrusion. 24/7 for a week, members of Wing One fought to fortify launch facilities and access roads, maintaining full combat capability. This was truly a daunting task but you accomplished it with precision, you did it safely and you maintained the utmost levels of security throughout the complex. But let's not forget about a major muscle movement that was also scheduled for the wing. The 490th Missile Squadron, led by Lt. Col. Matt Guenther, was involved in its annual code change. I would call this activity the most complex, integrated activity for any missile wing and it was handled flawlessly. You ensured every aspect of code change was executed in a safe, secure and effective manner. Great Job Farsiders, Maintenance, CE , Defenders, Coders and Planners!

On any given day, the men and women of Team Malmstrom tackle an aging weapon system and potential for adverse weather conditions in the largest missile complex in 20th AF. We maintain incredible alert rates because of the hard work you do every day. When compounded by the record flooding conditions seen throughout the region, it makes me even more proud of this wing and the Airmen and civilians who are its pulse. As I travel throughout the complex and work centers, I see the pride you have in our wing. We can't let up, our final code change is around the corner.

We also are seeing transitions in leadership positions throughout the wing. I'd like to offer some heartfelt farewells to those who have left Team Malmstrom, and give some warm welcome to some of our new team members.

June 10, we bid farewell to Col. John Patricola and his wife, Sam. John did a tremendous job as Mission Support Group commander and I know he will continue to excel in HAF/A3Z at the Pentagon. Wing One welcomes Col. Angela Stout and her husband, Mark. Colonel Stout is no stranger to the missile community and I look forward to her leadership taking the 341st MSG to the next level.

We also said goodbye to Col. (Sel) Steve Kravitsky as he turned over the reins of the Red Dawgs of the 12th Missile Squadron to Lt. Col. Craig Ramsey. Steve, Aundrea and the kids are heading to Barksdale where he will be the executive officer to the Commander AFGSC. Craig and his wife, Penny and girls, join us from Barksdale where he served as the AFGSC/CV's executive officer. I know we'll scontinue to see great things in "Red Dawg Nation."

Our 819th RED HORSE partners bid farewell to a great leadership team as Col. Greg Rosenmerkel and his wife, Linda, departed to lead the men and women of Andrews AFB's Mission Support Group. We welcome Col. Mark Zimmerhanzel, his wife, Beth, and their boys, and look forward to the continued great relationship we have with the 819th! To the HORSE!!

June 16, the 341st SFG welcomed Maj. Pat Steen and his wife, Theresa, to Big Sky Country as he took the helm as commander of the 741st Missile Security Forces Squadron. Welcome aboard!

On Monday, Wing One bid farewell to Col. Les Dixon, 341st Medical Group commander. During her three year command, the 341st MDG PRP process has grown to be a model for the entire command! Great job. She too heads to Washington, D.C., and will be in the Pentagon working in SAF/IGS.

Lt. Col. Rich Cross also handed the 341st Maintenance Operations Squadron flag over to Maj. Brian Young on Monday. Rich and Chere will be heading down to 20th AF where he will be the Deputy A4. We will truly miss your leadership and wish you well in Cheyenne. Brian and Shellie made the short trek west on Highway 2 from Minot AFB, N.D.; welcome to the wing.

Our new Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. Chuck Anderson, his wife, Wendy, and their children arrived a few weeks ago and are quickly getting settled. They come to us from Langley AFB, Va., with a wealth of experience. We are thrilled to have them here.

Finally, I'd like to welcome our new Vice Commander to the 341st. Col. Rob Stanley is perfectly equipped to take on the role as "ACE 2." He is steeped in nuclear expertise and comes to us as a recent National Defense Fellow graduate with a J39 Joint Staff assignment prior to that. Marsha and I welcome Rob and Cheryl to the Senior Leadership team. We look forward to the positive impact the Stanleys will have on Wing One.

A lot of moving parts in Wing One. Your leadership team is extremely proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the great work and be safe!



Maintenance Personnel
Staff Sgt. Chris Daniels
Master Sgt. John Smith (MMOC Senior Controllers) -- C2 for Wed - Fri ("Armageddon Days")
Tech. Sgt. Gabe Nelson and the 341 MOS Planning and Scheduling Section
Chief Master Sgt. Eric Abell (341 MMXS Maintenance Superintendent)
Master Sgt. Chris McCabe (EMT NCOIC)
Master Sgt. James Long (NCOIC, Facilities Maintenance Section)

Mission Support Group Personnel
Team that Supported L07 Pen:
Josh McDowell , Missile Zone
Staff Sgt Alan Glady, Missile Zone
Senior Airman Brandon McCormick, Horizontal
Airman 1st Class Caleb Hobson, Horizontal
Airman 1st Class Clearion Roberts, Horizontal
Airman 1st Class Cory Summers, Horizontal
Don Kruse, Horizontal
David Archey, Horizontal


Civil Engineer Personnel
John Hale
Floyd Wanke
Mike Miner
Candace Ellsworth
2nd Lt. Brendan Dorsey-Spitz
2nd Lt. Matthew Nichols

Codes (341st OSS):
Maj. Sandra Goble
Capt. Velice BetSayad
Capt. Robby Modad
Capt. Zachary Schmitt
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Liesch
Staff Sgt. Anthony Magnone
Capt. Brandy Boné

Operations Group Personnel
ICBM Current Operations (trained the crews):
Capt. Christopher Boyes
1st Lt. Brian Marlow
Capt. Israel Remo
1st Lt. Gregory Witzig

Tech. Sgt. Jill Safken
Staff Sgt. David Winegar

EWO Plans:
Capt. Brian Sump
Capt. Mattthew Pecoraro

Standardization and Evaluation:
Capt. John Mayer (weapon system advisor)
Capt. Christopher David (weapons system advisor)
Capt. Eric Safstrom (OG POC for code change)

490th MS:
Capt .Robert Shannon and 1st Lt. John Malek - Code Change OICs;
Master Sgt. Chuck Sonefelt, Superintendent, led the way in the field;
Tech. Sgt. Brian Cool, Chef NCOIC, developed FM plan and beddown for dozens of operators, security forces and maintainers at each MAF; developed chef plan and ensured supplies on hand to serve at least 75 meals/day at each MAF (375 at all 5)

40th HS:
Capt. Matt Sutliff and Capt. Drew Ackles - aircraft commanders of helos that supported N04/5