Commander echoes inspector's praises on Wing One

  • Published
  • By Col. Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing commander
Many of you were able to attend the Nuclear Surety Inspection out brief and heard Air Force Global Strike Command's Inspector General team shower us with praise. They were impressed, to say the least, with Wing One's discipline, pride and excellence.

Colonel Walker, the Vice Commander of 20th Air Force, also took his turn and echoed the IG's sentiments, adding his own words of praise and continued encouragement. It is clear that we have, once again, established ourselves as the best in our MAJCOM and a shining example for the other wings to emulate.

You have heard me repeat this many times during commander's call when I have asked you to remember and apply the "Four C's"--Compliance, Competence, Composure and Commitment. Judging by the results, you did even more than I asked! Not only did you perform your required tasks correctly, you did them with confidence and discipline. You performed your jobs as you should every day, and YOU ensured our wing's success.

As I have always said and would like to say one final time, I am incredibly proud of all the members of Wing One. A few All-Stars went above and beyond the standards and stood out boldly to the inspectors. I would like to personally recognize those individuals and teams listed below.

Celebrate a job well done, but do not feed off your own headlines; we must continue to work with the same level of intensity. Keep your drive and stay sharp. Our mission demands it.

Again, I could not be more proud...well done Wing One!


341st MW Superior Performers
Command Post
Staff Sgt. Brandy D. Barnes
Airman 1st Class Amanda L. Buck

341st Maintenance Group
341 Maintenance Operations Squadron
Master Sgt. Max T. Newman

341st Missile Maintenance Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Mario Ceballosmartinez

341st Security Forces Group
Staff Sgt. Elijah J. Galan
Airman 1st Class Allison M. Blevins

341st Security Forces Squadron
Master Sgt. Benjamin J. Nucci
Tech. Sgt. Thomas A. Hughes
Senior Airman Nichoals D. Capriato
Airman 1st Class Julie A. Bittinger
Airman 1st Class Lashona D. Carrol
Airman 1st Class Sage J. Gonzales
Airman 1st Class Breanna R. Hastings

341st Medical Group
341st Medical Operations Squadron
Master Sgt. Sarah R. Edwards

341st Medical Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Katherine L. Weimer

341st Missile Wing Superior Performer Teams
Command Post Controller Team 1
Capt. Jonathan P. Smith
Master Sgt. Jennie C. Barlowe
Staff Sgt. Brandy D. Barnes
Staff Sgt. Jack Vudtiyanon
Senior Airman Keisha N. Haynes

341st Operations Group
10th Missile Squadron
Crew S030
Capt. David C. Zesinger
1st Lt. Paul J. Gephart III

490th Missile Squadron
Crew S130
Capt. Griff R. Hofman
1st Lt. JasonK. Kotlewski

341st Maintenance Group
Consequence Management Team
1st Lt. Michael D. Bergeron
Master Sgt. Harry W. Evans III

341st Security Forces Group
Security Manager Team
Tech. Sgt. Christopher S. King
Tech. Sgt. Gary J. Marrone, Jr.

341st Security Forces Squadron
Weapons Systems Security
Master Sgt. John J. Swalek
Tech. Sgt. Edmond P. Bourque
Tech. Sgt. Heather L. Geer
Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Lowrey
Senior Airman Benjamin D. Bryan

Central Security Control
Staff Sgt. Danielle L. Bevans
Staff Sgt. Jason D. Field
Senior Airman Danielle R. Goulet

341st Mission Support Group
341st Civil Engineer Squadron
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Emergency Response Team
Staff Sgt. Daniel C. Hunsinger
Staff Sgt. Jason M. Jeffers
Staff Sgt. Tanner J. Tilton
Senior Airman Thomas A. Blanco
Airman 1st Class Joseph J. Chrobak
Airman 1st Class Michael E. Muck

341st Medical Group
341st Medical Operations Squadron
PRP Clinic/MDOS Team
Capt. Christopher T. Nelson
Master Sgt. Sarah R. Edwards
Tech. Sgt. Christina L. Zabel
Staff Sgt. Cody W. Bohlke
Staff Sgt. Katherine L. Weimer
Senior Airman Aaron T. Delperdang
Senior Airman Katiusca Ogando
Senior Airman Oren C. Walker
Airman 1st Class Melvin C. Ford
Mr. Brian M. Perry (GS-7)
Mrs. Janet S. Cameron (GS-7)

Dental Clinic/MDOS Team
Capt. Michelle R. Heath
Master Sgt. Jesse T. West, Jr.
Tech. Sgt. Jacob E. Webb
Senior Airman Amanda L. DePasquale

341st Missile Wing
Disaster Response Force
341st CES Emergency Management
Tech. Sgt. Brandon M. Smith
Staff Sgt. Simon J. McCabe
Senior Airman Rebecca R. Chase
Airman 1st Class Thomas C. Hermansen

341st CES Emergency Management Support Team
Staff Sgt. Shawn P. Ness
Senior Airman Joshua J. Austin
Senior Airman Joseph R. Jones
Senior Airman Lucas J. Keppers
Senior Airman Jody B. Kilpatrick
Senior Airman Jon C. Norcross
Airman 1st Class Zachary S. Bieranowski
Airman 1st Class Isaac M. Brenyah
Airman 1st Class Michael T. Buhrman
Airman 1st Class Eric L. Caswell
Airman 1st Class Hee C. Lee
Airman 1st Class Jacob D. Lucas
Airman 1st Class Johnny R. Martinez
Airman 1st Class Evan H. McConnell
Airman 1st Class Brenden E. McMurry
Airman 1st Class Sang K. Nguyen
Airman 1st Class Logan T. Quibell
Airman Brandon J. Poot
Airman Basic Michael L. Inman

341st CES Fire and Emergency Services Hazmat Decontamination
Senior Master Sgt. James M. Hazelip, Jr.
Master Sgt. Jason S. McMichael
Staff Sgt. Zachary J. Henry
Staff Sgt. Chad M. James
Staff Sgt. Brian J. Patterson
Staff Sgt. David A. Rogan
Staff Sgt. Justin K. Zabel
Senior Airman Mark F. Martin
Airman 1st Class Kyle A. Almeida
Airman 1st Class Leigha J. Cerwinski
Airman 1st Class Joshua R. Grohe
Airman 1st Class Cody R. Ripka
Mr. Daniel S. Dodson (GS-11 )
Mr. Russell L. White (GS-10)
Mr. Ryan K. Burke (GS-8)
Mr. Michael S. Johns (GS-8)

341st MDG Bioenvironmental Engineering
Maj. Anthony J. Cagle
Capt. Crystalyn E. Brown
Staff Sgt. Irak Garcia
Staff Sgt. Scott W. Labonte
Staff Sgt. Marigold R. Westbrook
Staff Sgt. James H. Wood
Senoir Airman Richard M. Frank
Senior Airman Jessica J. McFelia
Senior Airman Michelle R. Smith
Airman 1st Class Johnathan Sabat-Figueroa
Airman Jonathan M. Bailey

341st MDG Flight Medicine
Maj. Brad A. Nieset
Capt. Angela M. Ling
Master Sgt. Gary L. Cain
Staff Sgt. Cody W. Bohlke
Staff Sgt. Kathrine Weimer
Senior Airman Zachary A. Freeman
Airman 1st Class Ryan A. McCray

341st LRS Vehicle Decontamination Team
Staff Sgt. Christian W. Banks
Staff Sgt. Zachary M. Peterson
Airman 1st Class Jaime Z. Perales
Airman 1st Class Kurt M. Stuettgen
Airman 1st Class Elena R. Torres

341st SFS Incident Command
2nd Lt. Autumne L. Wells
Master Sgt. Francisco J. Santiago
Master Sgt. William R. Stevens