FFarah, military working dog, retires after 10 years of dedication to USAF

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kalib Murthy
  • 341st Security Forces Squadron

After nearly 10 years of service in the United States Air Force, Military Working Dog FFarah is hanging up her leash and heading for retirement.

FFarah was born on October 18, 2014, at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

From birth to six weeks, Puppy Development Specialists at the 341st Training Squadron worked to imprint and expose her to a variety of simulations and activities that would prepare her for the next phase of her life.

From six weeks to seven months, FFarah was sent to the home of qualified and dedicated foster volunteers Brandon and Lora Harrist.

During the foster period, the Harrist family raised FFarah in a secure and nurturing environment that provided ample learning and play opportunities. They also ensured she was exposed to different sounds, places and humans so she could develop into a socially sound puppy.

In March of 2016, FFarah was selected to whelp puppies for the MWD Breeding Program, primarily due to her strong working character and physical soundness. She gave birth to one puppy, MWD LLaredo, who spent his career at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming.

Consistent with the ferocity and stubbornness of a Belgian Malinois, FFarah broke a $3000 scope camera and required three veterinarian personnel to hold her down during the birthing process.

Despite the trouble, FFarah was an excellent mother, often seen playing with her pup once he was big enough.

Soon after birthing LLaredo, the veterinarian staff decided that FFarah should be removed from the MWD Breeding Program, and she was subsequently transferred to the 341 TRS to begin patrol and detection training.

On November 30, 2018, FFarah became fully certified as a patrol and explosive detection dog.

In February of 2019, FFarah was assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, where she served her handlers, the USAF and her nation with loyalty and honor.

She has provided 2,330 hours of explosive detection, executed 478 random anti-terrorism measures and searched 16,000 vehicles. She has responded to multiple large-scale law enforcement situations, including a real-world installation security breach and active shooter event.

Additionally, she provided the first line of explosive detection protection for the president of the United States, vice president, first lady and several additional distinguished visitors during six separate United States Secret Service missions.

She fortified security by sweeping vehicles, routes of travel and multiple vulnerable venues for the president of the United States, 500 global chief executive officers, 1,000 media representatives and 30,000 delegates from 21 different countries during the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco, California.

After 10 years of service, FFarah has become an irreplaceable member of the 341st Security Forces Squadron and Malmstrom AFB community and will be missed dearly in her retirement.

She will be adopted by her most recent handler, Staff Sgt. Kalib Murthy, who intends to spoil her with treats, a comfortable bed and love for the remainder of her days.