Traffic flow issues continue at Malmstrom north gate

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  • By 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs

As winter steadily comes closer and driving conditions go from good to poor, members of Air Force Global Strike Command need to focus on risk management while gaining access to Malmstrom AFB.

Poor road conditions can compound the traffic congestion within the lanes leading up to the north gate. Drivers should expect to practice considerate driving habits and correct lane change procedures.

The majority of drivers gaining access to the north gate are currently not entering the two available lanes properly. Vehicles turning left from the north side of the intersection are doing so and immediately entering the far, right lane. This constitutes an illegal lane change in a particularly confined traffic space. Illegal lane changes are dangerous and a ticketable offense.

In addition, those coming from 10th Avenue North (the west side of the intersection) must pull straight across the intersection into the left lane of inbound base traffic and may then signal to gain access to the right lane.

The only direct access to the right lane of inbound base gate traffic is the turn lane coming from the south side of the intersection. State law mandates those turning at an intersection to turn into the nearest lane, establish a route and then signal the intent to change lanes.

This particular four way intersection provides three ways of entering the two lanes of inbound base traffic. The mission at Malmstrom AFB is dependent on the well-being of its personnel and the importance of its mission should remind drivers of the necessity of considerate driving. Drivers in the right lane must yield to those in the left.

Questions should be directed to the staff of the Wing Safety Office at 731-6714.