OG prep work paramount to nuclear success

  • Published
  • By Airman Elijah Van Zandt
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs

The 10th, 12th and 490th Missile Squadrons’ intercontinental ballistic missile combat crew members, otherwise known as missileers, regularly attend briefings and trainings before deploying to the missile field to ensure Malmstrom’s no-fail mission is executed.

These briefings include in-depth planning and coordination between missileer teams across numerous missile alert facilities under the 341st Operations Group.

Malmstrom’s missileers understand that pre-deployment prep work, such as briefings, are paramount to success.

Missileers are not only responsible for arming or preparing to launch the ICBMs if need be, but also for processing the arrival of maintenance and security forces personnel entering launch facilities and missile alert facilities. The attention to detail and careful monitoring of all factors affecting the asset is what makes their communication and planning critical to mission execution.

Once missileers complete pre-deployment briefings, they are transported to their assigned MAF in two pairs of missileers often hours away from Malmstrom to begin their 24-hour shift inside of the launch control center, which is located underground beneath the MAF.

“The demanding work accomplished by missileers is what makes the Minuteman III ICBM one of the most powerful weapon systems in the world, and why Malmstrom is key to the nation’s global 24/7 nuclear deterrent capability,” said Col. Kenneth McGhee, 341st Operations Group commander.