Spouse re-licensure reimbursement takes effect

  • Published
  • By 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the military services to reimburse service members for occupational state relicensing and recertification costs their spouses incur due to a permanent change of station or permanent change of assignment.

While some states authorize reciprocity for certain types of occupational licenses, not all states do, resulting in the spouse needing to update a license or certification according to the new state’s requirements.

Multiple PCS’s throughout Airmens’ careers can make it difficult for their spouses to establish and maintain employment and careers.

This new program eases some of the financial burden – up to $500 for each qualifying PCS or PCA – and helps spouses continue their careers.

The Air Force will reimburse qualifying re-licensure and recertification fees incurred during PCS/PCAs authenticated on or after Dec. 12, 2017.

The new policy will allow for reimbursement of relicensing fees including exams, certifications and registration, and will cover occupations such as teaching, cosmetology, real estate and nursing.

Qualifying relicensing costs must be incurred and paid after and within 24 months of the date the member’s PCS/PCA orders are authenticated.

Airmen and spouses can find more information about this program at www.afpc.af.mil/Benefits-and-Entitlements/Employment-Resources/.

General information about career and education programs for spouses is available at the Malmstrom Airman & Family Readiness Center, the Department of Labor website at https://www.veterans.gov/milspouses, and the Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program at https://myseco.militaryonesource.mil.