341st Security Forces Group

The mission of the 341st Security Forces Group is to protect and defend Malmstrom's intercontinental ballistic missiles, Airmen and families.

341st Security Forces Squadron
The 341st Security Forces Squadron provides law enforcement services to the main base complex, ensuring Team Malmstrom remains a safe and law-abiding community for a base population of more than 10,000. They provide entry control, base mobile patrols, security for resources in the weapons storage area, and military working dog teams providing explosive and narcotic detection. The 341st SFS also operates the pass and registration office, visitor control center and run Montana's first enhanced 911 center, which streamlines community 911 needs. They also operate a confinement facility supporting four Air Force bases.

341st, 741st, 841st Missile Security Forces Squadron
The 341st, 741st and 841st Missile Security Forces Squadrons organize, train and equip combat-ready personnel to secure the base's intercontinental ballistic missiles, missile alert facilities and launch facilities deployed throughout a 13,800-square mile missile complex. In addition to securing the world's most powerful weapon 24/7, year round, the three tactical squadrons are also responsible for ensuring the safety and security of maintenance teams deployed to the missile complex, ensuring the ground-based prong of the nuclear triad is always ready to launch.

341st Missile Security Operations Squadron
The 341st Missile Security Operations Squadron provides more than 1,200 security forces personnel with training, equipment and support to foster the most advanced warfighting and combat-ready force in Air Force Global Strike Command. It ensures forces are given the tools by training wing personnel in weapons qualifications and keys and codes for missile complex operations. The squadron also trains, equips and mobilizes all 341st Security Forces Group personnel in support of all Air Force domestic and aerospace expeditionary force missions. The 341st MSOS also provides an on-call force known as the tactical response force, capable of responding to any hostile attack within the 13,800-square-mile missile complex or the confines of Malmstrom. Finally, through their convoy response force section, the squadron provides the highest degree of force protection for ICBMs during on and off base movements.