341st Medical Group

The 341st Medical Group is responsible for all medical and dental care for nearly 15,000 beneficiaries throughout north-central Montana. The group’s mission is to maximize nuclear surety by optimizing 341st Missile Wing personnel health, wellness and readiness through comprehensive managed health care systems emphasizing health promotion and preventive medicine. The nearly 150-member (active duty, civilian and contract employees) team provides quality care in accordance with Air Staff policies and meets stringent quality standards developed by the American Academy of Ambulatory Health Care.

The medical group works out of a four-building campus, including a spacious 91,000 square-foot main clinic completed in 1990 and renovated in 2008, and offers a wide variety of services which include: family practice, gynecology, mental health, flight and missile medicine, optometry, physical therapy, laboratory, radiology, family advocacy, bioenvironmental engineering, health and wellness, nutritional medicine, pharmacy and public health. Specialty services that are not available within the clinic are provided through the TRICARE contract, a partnership with TriWest Healthcare Alliance, which maintains a comprehensive network of civilian specialty providers in the local area.

In addition to providing peacetime healthcare, the medical group regularly trains to provide rapid, responsive support for contingencies, both natural and man-made.  Regular training, periodic readiness exercises and inspections, and as-needed deployments in support of overseas operations ensure that the 341st Medical Group is always able to support the mission.

The 341st Medical Group has earned a number of unit, section and individual awards in recent years reflecting a level of excellence and service that is second to none.