Can I tour the base?

Guided tours are offered (mission and security conditions allowing) for groups of people when scheduled in advance. The guided tour can be tailored to the group's desires. Average tours consist of a windshield or driving tour of the installation with stops at various significant locations pertaining to Malmstrom's mission. We recommend participating children be in first grade or older. Malmstrom Air Force Base is an exciting part of your community and an excellent resource and educational tool for groups interested in the United States Air Force. 

School tours are offered to groups of children in the first grade and older, when accompanied by a sufficient number of adult chaperones. The school can provide it's own transportation or a bus can be arranged for travel on base, when available. Tours for students can be tailored depending on their age, interest and time available. 

We try to accommodate any tour group size, however, there are sometimes limitations to the amount of people in one group we can support, please contact the Malmstrom Public Affairs Office for specific questions if you have a large group. A typical large group would consist of 40 people or more. We welcome Junior ROTC students and other youth groups serving high-school-age students. Civic and business organizations or senior citizen groups are also welcome. We have some interesting sites for elementary or middle-school-age groups as well. We also welcome anyone to the Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum without an appointment. A photo ID is required for access to the museum. 

Tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The tour schedule fills up quickly, so contact Malmstrom Public Affairs early. 

When an organization, high school or club requests a base tour, the initial request must be made by telephone. Once a date, time and itinerary have been tentatively scheduled, a formal request must be submitted to Malmstrom Public Affairs in writing. The formal request should be received at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the event and include the following: 

- Name of group requesting the tour 
- Mode of transportation to Malmstrom and if transportation will be needed on base 
- Date of tour 

- How many people in group 
- Time frame (desired length and start time) for tour 
- Desired tour destinations 

- Any special needs required 
- Name and phone number of a point of contact for group 

All tours requests are subject to change or cancellation, if necessary, by Malmstrom Public Affairs due to mission or security considerations. For more information or to request a base tour for your group or organization, please contact the Malmstrom Public Affairs Office at (406) 731-2082, by email at, or by mailing the request to: 

341 Missile Wing Public Affairs Office 
21 77th St N Bldg 500, Rm 151A
Malmstrom AFB, MT 59402-7538